1500w Portable Solar Powered Generator

1500 watt portable solar power generator, solar dc system

1500 watt solar generator with large power, maximum power is 720Wp, the independent solar three-stage charge management can extend service life. With pure sine wave. the solar power station applies to diversified loads, large solar generator output and also can match portable solar panel.

Battery Capacity:

  • 100AH

Output Voltage (VAC):

  • 110V
  • 220V

Charge Voltage:

  • 110V
  • 220V

Parameter List:

Battery voltage24V
ln-built battery specification2*100AH / 12V
Rated power1500W
Output voltage110V or 220V AC (Optional)
Output frequency50 / 60Hz
Output waveformPure Sine Wave
Charge by a mains supply
Input voltage110V or 220V AC (Optional)
Charge current10A (MAX)
Solar input
Maximum photovoltaic≤50V
Charge voltage (VDC)20-50V
Rated charge current (A)30A
Maximum power (Wp)720Wp
Voltage of overcharge protection (VDC)28.4V
Voltage of overcharge recovery (VDC)28V
Voltage of floating charge (VDC)27.4V
DC output
Voltage of high-voltage protection (VDC)32V
Voltage of high voltage recovery (VDC)30.4V
Voltage of low voltage recovery (VDC)25.2V
Voltage of low voltage protection (VDC)22V
5VDC USB output port2 ones / MAX 2A
12VDC output port2 DC ports + backboard 12V terminal block (MAX 8A)
Starting temperature of the exhaust fan>45℃
Ambient temperature for operation0-40℃
Ambient temperature for storage-25℃~55℃
Operation/storage conditions0-90% (no condensation)
External dimensions: DxWxH (mm)513×310×493
Packing dimension: DxWxH (mm)610x420x550
Warranty1 year


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