300w Portable Solar Powered Generator

300 watt portable solar power generator, solar dc system

300w solar power generator is provided with independent solar three-stage charge management.Overcharge protection and over-discharge protection for a longer battery life and improve charge efficiency of its battery.Pure sine wave AC output, applies to diversified loads, can withstand the loads with a large starting current.

Battery Capacity:

  • 50W/50AH
  • 100W/100AH

Output Voltage (VAC):

  • 110V
  • 220V

Charge Voltage:

  • 110V
  • 220V

Parameter List:

Battery voltage12V
ln-built battery specification1*55AH / 12V
Rated power300W
Output voltage110V or 220V AC (Optional)
Output frequency50 / 60Hz
Output waveformPure Sine Wave
Charge by manis supply
Input voltage110V or 220V AC (Optional)
Charge current10A (MAX)
Solar input
Maximum photovoltaic≤25V
Charge voltage (VDC)10-25V
Rated charge current (A)30A
Maximum power (Wp)360Wp
Voltage of overcharge protection (VDC)14.2V
Voltage of overcharge recovery (VDC)14.0V
Voltage of floating charge (VDC)13.7V
DC output
Voltage of high-voltage protection (VDC)16V
Voltage of high voltage recovery (VDC)15.2V
Voltage of low voltage recovery (VDC)12.6V
Voltage of low voltage protection (VDC)11V
5VDC USB output port2 ones / MAX 2A
12VDC output port2 DC ports + backboard 12V terminal block (MAX 8A)
Starting temperature of the exhaust fan>45℃
Ambient temperature for operation0-40℃
Ambient temperature for storage-25℃~55℃
Operation/storage conditions0-90% (no condensation)
External dimensions: DxWxH (mm)343×225×443
Packing dimension: DxWxH (mm)420x290x490
Warranty1 year


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