How to Connect a New/Additional Generator System to the Network?

The process of connecting your generator system to Endeavour Energy distribution network involves the following steps:

Step 1: Decide what generator system you wish to connect

Step 2: Submit the relevant application

Submission of an application to Endeavour Energy is necessary to ensure that your proposed generator system does not adversely affect the Endeavour Energy distribution network or other customers. To submit an application for connection of a generator system, you must have a NMI and be connected to the network.

Note: The application forms may be submitted by your electrical contractor or generator system installer on your behalf.

You must submit one of the two possible application types to be issued a Permission to Connect for your generator system.

The choice of the relevant application type will depend on the generator system that you are installing as either a new or addition to an existing system.

  1. Online Application If you are applying for Connection of New or Upgrade of existing solar powered generator with total generation system of no greater than 5kW single phase or 30kW three phase Output. To connect online, click here. Note: For micro embedded solar generator systems only.
  2. Application for Connection of a Generator

Note: For solar and non-solar generator systems

This application must be completed and sent to Endeavour Energy if you are connecting a new or additional solar generator system resulting in greater than 5kW single phase or 30kW three phase total output; or you are connecting a new or making changes to an existing nonsolar generator system.

Step 3: Application Processing

Upon receipt of your complete and valid application, Endeavour Energy will undertake a desktop assessment of the application to determine the impact of your proposed generator system on the distribution network. If using the online application, a permission to connect is issued to all compliant applications immediately.

Step 4: Connection Offer

For written applications, once Endeavour Energy has completed the desktop assessment of your application, a relevant connection offer (or a Permission to Connect – for expedited connection offers) will be sent to you within 10 business days. For non-expedited connection offers, you will receive an offer which you will need to accept by signing the document and returning it to Endeavour Energy. Other additional conditions applicable to connection of large and complex generator systems may be stated in the connection offer.

Step 5: Acceptance of the Offer

In order to be issued a Permission to Connect your generator system to Endeavour Energy’s distribution network, you or your representative must accept the relevant connection offer in terms of the Model Standing Offer, Terms and Conditions relevant to your connection.

Note: You can streamline the process of connecting your generator system by requesting an expedited (streamlined) connection service.

This is done at the time of submitting the application by signing the back of the relevant application form. The application form allows the applicant to request an expedited connection service. Requesting an expedited service means that the applicant has read, understood and accepted the terms of the relevant Endeavour Energy connection offer available on the website. If you sign the application form you will be issued a Permission to Connect as an attachment to your connection offer. This means that you will not be required to sign and return the connection offer. The Permission to Connect will detail the approved generator capacity.

Step 6: Connection of the Solar Generator

Once you have received a Permission to Connect your generator system to Endeavour Energy’s distribution network, you will need to contact your retailer who will engage a metering installer and make appropriate metering arrangements in accordance with the terms outlined in your connection offer. Your metering installer will return the Permission to Connect together with other applicable paperwork specifying your new metering arrangements to Endeavour Energy after the work has been completed.

Step 7: Registration of Installation details

  1. From 1 December 2019 your generation installation details must be entered into the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Register. Once your application has been approved your installer will be able to log onto AEMOs DER Register website using your reference number quoted on your Permission to Connect.
  2. Your installer must then enter all information relevant to your installation and receive confirmation that the information has been submitted. The data must be submitted no later than 20 business days after connection of the solar generator and your installer should provide a copy of the confirmation to you as proof.

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